New Survey from Fintech Firm Finds Delaware Pet Owners Spend the Most on their Animals. How Does Your State Stack Up?

In honor of National Pet Day, which falls on April 11, the econ experts at OppLoans have conducted a survey to see just how much American pet owners are spending on their furry friends.

CHICAGO—April—The survey from OppLoans found that, on average, Americans spend $126.19 per month keeping their pets happy and healthy.

The survey, which looked at more than 1,000 pet owners across the United States, revealed that spending on pets varies widely from state to state. Pet owners in Delaware are the biggest spenders, shelling out an average of $311.90 every month on their cats, dogs, rabbits and turtles. Rounding out the bottom of the list? Idaho pet owners, whose frugal habits keep the average cost of pet ownership in The Gem State to just $20/month.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study found that fish owners tend to spend the least on their aquatic pals, averaging around $62 per month. At $139.80, dog owners spend $47 more per month than cat owners, who spend an average of $92.98 on their feline companions. Owners of small mammals, like hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs rack up a big monthly bill, with an average monthly spend of $251.82!

OppLoans research lead Caroline Thompson said her team was surprised by many of the data points.

“We certainly didn’t expect to learn that young people [ages 18-24] would be the age group spending the most on their pets,” said Thompson. “But the data showed that young Millennials are leading the charge, spending $173.67 per month on their animals!”

Want to know how your pet spending stacks up against the rest of the country? Check out the interactive state map, and review the rest of the survey’s startling finds on Financial Sense, the OppLoans blog!


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